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Introducing the free ALL IN: Transform Your Life Challenge! Workshop

Friday, June 18, 2021 @ 4:00pm (PDT)

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How does Healing and Empowerment work?  
I teach tool and techniques to heal, release and move past your previous trauma. 
You'll learn how to shift your own energy through setting healthy boundaries, finding your own voice and speaking your own truth, and practicing self-love/self-care. Investing in yourself will allow you to recognize abusive relationships and situations. Break the cycle of abuse once and for all!  

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About My Journey


Ever since I was a young girl I always loved being a "helper" in the world. My compassion, empathy and sensitivity made a difference and touched people. I was raised as an Evangelical Christian with a faith based background.  As a teenager I spent many summers on mission trips traveling overseas.  I've built cabins in Bonaire, toured through Fiji, New Zealand and Australia on a choir team and joined an evangelistic sports team to Mexico.  I became a world traveler by the time I turned 18!

However, there have been many road bumps along the way.  It took many years for me to reconcile my sexuality and my faith.  I sincerely believed what I had been told - the God of all creation cannot love me.  If He didn't love me, then, who could?  I have been through a lot of trauma, near death experiences and abusive relationships.
My last relationship was what drove me to change my life. I realized I was living with a narcissist.  
I allowed her into a deeply, intimate space and was violated emotionally, physically and sexually. She even left marks on my body in the process but somehow managed to make me feel as if I was crazy or it was all justified. I often cried after and thought to myself how in the hell did you get here??? How did you let this all happen? I began to wonder why I was so disposable and discarded like a candy wrapper tossed into the trash. When I finally made the decision to leave I lost most of my friends and felt more alone than I ever had in my life. She manipulate others to cut ties with me completely so the only option I felt I had was to return to her.
No matter what happened I refused to ever let her back into my life again. I cut all ties and any contact was done via my lawyers office. That step to break all contact is what helped start the healing process for myself and my 2 year old son.  

A few months after leaving I kept seeing a facebook group pop up in my news feed. It was an intuitive healing group which had weekly group sessions. I struggled and felt deep guilt and shame for wanting to join this group but I knew I needed something to help with my mental well-being at the time. If anything, I was hoping it was a diversion from the pain and trauma I was coping with. Little did I know, I met beautiful people who became my soul tribe. This was a place I felt seen, valued and loved.  This is where I began learning the tools and techniques to heal, empower and break the cycles not serving my life. 
I am here because I have a purpose in life.  As I heal myself, I heal others.  My healing journey is far from over and I continue to grow in new ways.  I stepped out in faith, released the fear and anxiety from my life so I could fulfill my purpose to help others.  I know in my heart I am wonderfully made.  My life has value, I am loved and I want to help as many people as I can know this truth too!  Things happed for a reason.... this is only the beginning... 
 "Make your mark on this world starting with your own heart!" 

Love, light and blessings!
Sarah Worden


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