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From Religious Abuse to Spiritual Freedom


Are you an LGBTQ+ person who has struggled to reconcile your sexuality and faith?

You are not alone! I get it and I can help!

I spent years of my life feeling I had to change so I’d be worthy of God's love.

As a leading spiritual healer and transformational life coach, I help people from the LGBTQ+ Community to heal from the tapes that have been placed upon them by religious abuse. I help people to reconnect to the essence of who they are and truly heal from abuse and reclaim their divine spirituality. What would your life be like if you could reconnect to God, feel empowered and good enough? 

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Are you ready to move beyond the old tapes and realize just how WONDERFULLY MADE you are?

As a highly, intuitive spiritual coach:

~ I’ve experienced religious abuse, understand the depth it affects your Life, and have learned how to release this trauma through energy h
ealing techniques which you will learn as well. 
~ I have felt the continuous condemnation as an LGBTQ person within a church community. Learn how to release those who no longer serve your life to find your tribe to thrive!

~ I have overcome struggles with suicide learning how to become my own healer through unconditional self-love and grace.

~ I know, believe, see and embody all as divine creations, a reflection of Our Divine Creator. 

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Transform from Religious Trauma to Spiritual Freedom
Stop waiting for permission from others to connect with your Divine Creator!

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~ Release fear, self-condemnation, and guilt as you heal previous trauma. LIVE your abundant, fabulous, faith-filled life!

~STOP hiding behind a false identity as you learn to embrace the essence of your true self with PRIDE!

~ Ban the toxic “one man, one woman” myth as you scrap isolation writing your own love story!

~ Remove restrictive beliefs about your sexual orientation as you deepen your connection with your Divine Creator.    

~ Awaken the warrior within by breaking the cycle of abuse.  CLAIM and SPEAK your own TRUTH!!  “I AM NO LONGER A SLAVE TO FEAR! I AM WONDERFULLY MADE!!!”

Are YOU ready for REAL transformation in your life?
Let's chat to see how I can help!

What Clients are Saying

I have been blessed to have Sarah in my life for a few years now.  She has never faltered with her beliefs. I had my first session and listening to me was a priority for her. She’s helpful, kind, intuitive and soulful. I hope you will trust her as much as I do.  She has a huge heart and has a passion to help others heal. Her life’s calling is truly a gift.

                      - Teresa, NV

Sarah has been a blessing in my life and has truly helped me work through many things that have been going on.  She is such a powerful guide and spiritual healer.  Anyone who works with her will be truly blessed with her authenticity, the way she is able to hold space, and working through obstacles.

                          - Lindsey, IL

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