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She remembered who she was and the game changed! 

 - Lalah Deliah

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Are you dealing with anxiety, depression, fear and even abusive treatment over the upcoming election?  You are not alone!  Many are dealing with the "what if's" and planning for the worst.  

It's time for us to stand united as one voice! We have the power to heal and empower our lives! I provide private one on one and group sessions working with women who have dealt with narcissistic abuse and trauma. I believe narcissism is at an all time high in our nation. (You can read more info on this here: 5 signs of a narcissist)  I want to help teach you how to shift this energy out of your life! 

Please join me in my weekly healing and empowerment membership group! (Here is a link to      private one on one sessions if you'd feel more comfortable in this setting.) You will participate in a zoom video call among other amazing women as you learn different techniques to release your anxiety. You will have the opportunity to build strong bonds and friendships as we participate in this community together.
If you'd like more information on what our sessions will include, please check out Freedom from Narcissists.  I also encourage you to join my free, private facebook group by clicking the link below. 

Be the woman who fixes another woman's crown without telling the world it's crooked!

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Let's do this!! 
When:  Saturday, October 31, 2020 @ 10:00am PST (recurring weekly)
Where:  Zoom audio/video call (you will receive a link once registered)

Cost:  $50.00 monthly membership 
(try it risk free for 30 days!  If you feel this isn't a fit for you I'll refund your monthly fee!!)

I look forward to connecting with you!  Love and Light! 

Questions or concerns?  Please email me:

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