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Curious to know if you're in a relationship with a narcissist?  Here are 5 warning signs to watch out for!                                                

                                          5 SIGNS OF A NARCISSIST

1.) Lack of Empathy -
They make cruel comments and try to pass them off as jokes or degrade you behind closed doors. You are given the silent treatment or ignored completely with no explanation. They show no remorse nor appologize when they have hurt you.

2.) Gas lighting -
This is a classic sign of narcissism. It's a tactic used to make you question everything you know and doubt reality. They will tell you things were not said or didn't happen. Behind the scenes they will convince others you are crazy and create situations to cause a reaction from you to prove their point.

3.) Isolation -
Cutting you off from everyone you know is another big, red flag. They will try to make you feel guilty or become extremely jealous when you spend time with anyone else. Be leary if you've only known them a short time and they are adament about moving you away from your loved ones.

4.) Abuse -
Narcissists will manipulate and cause severe, emotional trauma which starts out very subtle in the beginning. Over a period of time they will have no problem with verbally abusing you on a regular basis. This can easily turn into physical and sexual abuse if you continue to remain in this relationship.

5.) Addiction -
Another form of manipulation is convincing you to start taking medication. They will tell you repeatedly you're crazy, mentally ill, have a disorder or need help. They will push drugs and alcohol so they will have complete control over your body and mind.

If any of these things sound familiar and you are in need of support, please reach out to me to book your sessions today!  Let's break this cycle together! 

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