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 I remember it as if it were yesterday. The questions, the self-doubt, the fear, the anxiety 
 and feelings of isolation were what drove me to reach out to a community where I thought I'd feel safe.  At first, I used it as a way to take my mind off things, hoping it would be a distraction from the pain I was feeling. Little did I know, it opened up a whole new way of

thinking and living I never knew existed.  I began to understand who I was, how I was wired and how to heal.  By focusing on my own innerwork, I discovered how to release and let go of the trauma I was carrying.  It was no longer about them.  It was about me.  This is where I reclaimed my power!                  

                                          It's time for you to shift your energy!  
                                   Loving yourself will become your superpower!

Mindfulness - 
Understand your emotions and how they effect
 your mind, body and spirit. When one is effected they all become out of balance. Learn how to create balanced energy

Metaphors -   
Using analogies to recreate how your emotions feel.
                  This is a creative way to see the big picture.    

Meditation -   
A practice used while incorporating breath work
 to help release emotions not serving you.   

Meridian Tapping -  
A holistic healing technique using your own body's energy and     healing power.  (This technique is simple and incredibly effective.)  

Along with these tools, you'll be part of a community while healing
and growth take place to break the cycle.  I've outlined what I'd love
to help you accomplish during these sessions.

 Remove blocks and fears that are not serving your life
 Learn about the 4 M's and how to apply them
 Shift your energy by changing old thought patterns and coping mechanisms

Build rapport, reduce feelings of isolation, connect with a safe community
(you need your tribe to thrive)
Be supported emotionally and spiritually
Speak and live your own truth 
Practice tools and techniques with group peers

Complete innerwork goals weekly 
Receive mentoring, guidance and support on your journey 
Learn to trust this process, your peers and yourself
Access replays of all classes


Create life goals
Implement self-care : My body, my breath, my life
Live a new way:  put into practice what you've learned
DREAM BIG! - The story is yours - write it 

I sincerely believe when investing in your own well-being you will see a shift in your life.  Within 3 months, you will have the tools needed to find freedom from narcissists and to break the cycle!

Our community will connect weekly via zoom video calls  

                   Sessions every Saturday @ 11am PST 


 I offer a 30 day money back guarantee! 

 If this this space isn't right for you, please reach out to me. 

 I will issue you a refund for your monthly fee

I also encourage you to join my private heartmark healing discussion 
                 and support group by clicking the image below. 
It's important to be surrounded by a tribe of safe, encouraging people.
                                     You are not alone! 
                                You are welcome here! 

                      I look forward to connecting with you! 
            As always, sending you love blessings and light! 
                                       Sarah Worden 

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I am not a licensed physician, counselor, therapist or legal advisor. Your well-being is important to me.  If your safety is in question, please seek the proper authorities. I am a certified intuitive life coach.  I teach tools and 
techniques I have learned which have successfully helped me heal in my
own life.  Each individual's journey is unique and results can and will vary. 
Your personal investment will determine your success.

My goal is to help you release emotional trauma and abuse from being a
victim. This class is intended for your own self-care,
healing and growth. This time, it's all about you! 

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